Janakpur, birth place of Goddess Sita known as Janaki is consort of Lord Ram. According to the Ramayan, Ram Janaki temple in janakpur area belonged to the King Janak. Main Janaki temple is fully built in bright white unique style of classical and neo-classical design building with rich mithila style architectures. Time of Janak king ruled the area his daughter Janaki (Sita) during her swoyambhar chosen Lord Ram as her husband and became queen of Ayodhya. Legend said that a golden statue of Goddess Sita was found in the area and she was lived there. In the dedicated to her, temple was built in 1657 on the exact spot where statue was found. Their marriage ceremony area is preserved still nearby main temple as named of Ram Janaki Bibaha Mandap.

Janakpur Dham is important and holy place for Hindu pilgrimage. Every year thousand of pilgrimage from different part of Nepal, India, Sri Lanka and other countries visit Ram Janaki temple to worship Lord Ram and Goddess Sita. The main ceremonies take place in Janapur in Ram Nawami, Bibaha Panchami, Dhahain and Tihar. Beside the main Janaki temple, Ram Mandir, Laxman Mandur, Bibaha Mandap, Ganga Sagar Lake, Dhanusa Sagar nearby temple is most visiting pilgrimage places.

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